Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews - 23/10/11

Oz reviews Animal Man #2, Suicide Squad #2, Justice League International #2, Swamp Thing #2, Demon Knights #2, Green Lantern #2, Batman & Robin #2, Batwoman #2, Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #2 and Stormwatch #2.

Animal Man #2 - My mind was blown. Still my number one of the 52. Everything you know is just a speck in the red...

Suicide Squad #2 - What the fuzz did I just read?? Well whatever it my have been it was convincing enough to extend the warranty on this book. At least for one story arc.

Justice League International #2 - I'm a sucker for giant robots, especially ones that have death ray faces. Issue 2 was the perfect fix for that. Entertaining throughout, this title is brewing itself up to be a worthy contender in the DCnU 52 gallery.

Swamp Thing #2 - It felt like I was taken on a metaphysical journey. Animal Man has "the red", Swamp Thing has "the green", so it was especially unique to see the red referenced in this issue. Shows that the creators behind the DC DARK line are working well and close together. Most of the issue dealt out a lot of exposition, but the last few pages moved at a demonic pace. Brilliant last page.

Demon Knights #2 - Or as they are called in this comic, "the maleficent seven." This is such a fan comic. Paul Cornell is definitely channeling his inner Jeff Parker because this made me feel like I was reading a D&D version of the Agents of Atlas.

Green Lantern #2 - Sinestro makes Jordan his bitch and I smile. Ten dollar props to Johns on the Gwar reference with the Sinestro Corps
member GOR-GOR. Weak issue 1 but #2 picks up the pace, a common theme I noticed in at least 5 comics in all the new releases thus far.

Batman & Robin #2 - Batman and Robin is like "go to work with dad day" on an eternal Halloween with 80% more kicking and punching. Forever. Easily my #1 bat book of the bunch and one of my many top DCnU creative teams, Tomasi & Gleason.

Batwoman #2 - Another good issue of ADVENTURES OF PALE VAMPIRE-FREAK LOLITA. Some pages are stronger then others in the art department, still certain lay-outs are exceptional. So far so good.

Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #2 - In this issue, we see the inner workings of one of the agents. Lemire also explores some very original concepts as we journey on into the world of the bizarre. Great last page.

Stormwatch #2 - So much is going on that I had to reference the last issue to understand what was happening and who was who. The team is immensely powerful and full of attitude, just the way I like it. I'll try to give a better review for issue 3 if I can understand half of what’s happening. Still, something so original and compact will take time to break-down and that's a good thing.

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