Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back of the Bin Reviews

Chris is back again with more bargain bin reviews. This time I have a teamtastic stack for you, with reviews of only team title books. As usual, I'll either love it and recommend you Dig for it, hate it and suggest Bury it deep in the darkness of the bin, or straddle the fence and suggest you Sift for issues that may be good based on their cover art...
 This week: 
Justice League Europe #1, Justice League America #40, Justice League International #17, Dynamo5 #1, Ibots #1, All New Exiles #Infinity, Stormwatch #’s 1, 2, Fantastic Four #’s 339, 369 & Saved by the Bell #1.

Justice League Europe #1
The JLE is formed and moving into their new HQ, what could go wrong...? Not much, just the small things...until the townspeople revolt against them. Most of this issue is “getting to know you”, while following their leader, Captain Atom, but i liked it. You really get a feel for how this team is going to work and interact with each other. Right down to Wonder Woman (the real a-lister) not showing up until the real trouble starts. Dig for this title, it should be a laugh between some super hero action...
Justice League America #1
This issue is just after Mister Miracle is killed, so the issue is a bit dark but the dialogue between our heroes is superb. A great explanation of the JL status quo but not a lot of action. Solid issue, and i actually became invested in a couple of characters. Its the Justice League, you
like it or don’t. I’d say sift for issues around this era, great read....
Justice League International #17
This ish is towards the end of a larger arc and, as a noob, felt all over the place. Booster Gold & Blue Beetle are shirtless cellmates, batman has an alter ego other than Bruce Wayne, things are But Captain Atom, Booster, and Beetle are fun reads as usual. Sift for this title. It looks to be hit or miss...
Dynamo5 #1
This Image title is excellent. I’ll start by saying Dig, Dig, Dig, for this title. The lone hero of a city dies but was a complete slut before he’s
killed and sires 5 offspring. They are gathered by his hard-nosed widow when the villains overrun the city in his absence. This is an origin story done right. Plenty of action and super power usage, character interaction and even some intrigue. Again I say, Dig..!
Ibots #1
This Tekno Comix book is all right. A muddled origin story and something about the art doesn’t sit will with me. A team of robot humans or something. I don’t know. They have a couple of cool personalities. Their individual abilities are shown off pretty well but this one is a bury, for sure, unless you can find it as a trade. Maybe all at once it can make up for its shortcomings...
All New Exiles #Infinity
I quite liked this book. Though, that may be simply because of Siena Blaze’s appearance. (big fan, don’t ask me why, lol). I was more than a bit lost in the beginning but was caught up, mostly, by the end. And certainly curious to see what this team could do, by the end of the book. Unless you’re a hardcore Siena Blaze fan, sift for good issues of this run. Exiles is supposed to be random team mix-up, three’s company/sitcom type fun. I think they tried to make this book more than it should be and it suffers from it...
Stormwatch #'s 1, 2
I was excited when DC announced the recent relaunch of Stormwatch, but based only on the inclusion of Midnighter and Apollo. After reading these earlier issues I’m even more anxious to get my hands on the new Stormwatch. It’s essentially an edgy Justice League without the overpowered heroes. These guys can be hurt, killed and imperfect but still an effective (and deadly) team. There’s history to be
uncovered and stories to unfold. I, also, LOVE the 7 or so page featurettes in the back of the book that are all character development and looks into the teammates. Definite Dig...
Fantastic Four #'s 339, 369
I’m admittedly (almost proudly) not a Fantastic Four fan, and I only picked these up because the covers drew me in. how could I pass up Thor vs. Gladiator in 339 or an evil, scantily clad version of Susan Richards as “Malice” in 369..? Both issues are smack dab in the middle of story arcs (369, during the Infinity War) but neither issue disappoints. See Thor & Gladiator duke it out, the Invisible Woman duke it out with herself, and just how much potential she has. Fantastic Four, as a title, is a Sifter for me. but dig for the issues around these arcs. Some interesting cameos seem to liven up this book...

Saved by the Bell #1
Do I even need to review this..? Dig for at least one issue of this flashback to 90's cheesy television. The issue actually captures a lot for the feel of the show, right down to Zack Morris frequently breaking the fourth wall. (maybe Mark Paul Gosselar should play Deadpool) With a very Archie comics art style and tone, if you need something to make you smile Dig up this title from the back of the bin....

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