Friday, December 13, 2013

Screen Drone #7

Television and Movies smashed over the head with an Oz-Brick

Welcome to Screen Drone for 13/12/13

Bobs Burgers 407: Bob tries his hand at substitute teaching and changes pallets as well as lives.

Modern Family 510: Holiday preparations.

Sons of Anarchy 613: Vicious, barbaric, irreversible. The end.

TMNT 207: Spike!

American Horror Story 309: Coven has been really good with the twists. When you expect it to be one thing, it goes about a hundred miles in the other direction.

Orange Is The New Black: From the creator of "Weeds" comes a show that takes place in a women`s prison. Pilot episode answers the following question: how does a modern woman prepare to spend the next 15 months of her life in jail?

The Big Bang Theory 711: What if Sheldon was never a part of the gang's life?

South Park 1710: Is Kim Kardashian a hobbit? Also, Photoshop.

Almost Human 105: Clones and psychics, oh my.

Duck Dynasty 101: Beards and swamps. Pass.

Family Guy 1207: Griffin and Quagmire on tour with their over the top acoustic duets.

Key and Peele 311/312: Jordan and Keenan keep doing their thing. And that thing is funny.

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