Sunday, December 1, 2013

Artists Assemble- Excalibur

A weekly event where members of the Facebook group can submit art based on a specific theme. The art must be your own and match the theme. 

This weeks theme is Excalibur. 

Captain Britain - in Davis designed suit By Christopher Masson 

Group shot By Kevin Miller

Meggan By Ha Jim Mi

Captain Britain Modernism Variant By Christopher Masson

Psylocke By Zeena Benjamin

Captain Britain By Melbert Martin

Juggernaut By Adam Bayes

Captain Britain as Bowie By Adam Bayes

Captain Britain By Adam Bayes

Kitty By Jason Graziano

Alternative Cap By Adam Bayes

Pete Wisdom By Adam Bayes

Kitty By Jason Graziano

Rachel Summers By Richard Chin

Rachel, Kitty, and Lockheed By Breannah Luini

Psylocke By Fred Hall

The Black Knight By Dennis Mendoza

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