Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Console Slayer for 12/24/13

   Today we'll talk about our favorite games of 2013! 2013 was packed with a lot of releases and a bunch of really big releases. I don't play everything, nobody does. So today when I talk about my favorite game of the year obviously it's only of what I've played. Also, it's only my opinion.

   The game I looked forward to most in 2013 arrived early in the year. It was a game franchise I enjoyed very much growing up. I remember going to Blockbuster with my cousin to rent Nintendo 64s from time to time. I remember this particular day going to rent a Playstation 1 for the first time. I forget but it may have been my first interaction with a PS1. The game we rented to play with it was none of than Tomb Raider. It was a game and main character that changed the video game world.

   I always enjoyed platformers as a kid and still do, but this was a newer take on a platform game as it was in 3D. It wasn't the first to do 3D platforming and it wasn't only a platforming game, but it appealed to my tastes. The sense of exploration and adventure in this game were possibly the most I had ever gotten out of a video game until then.

   I stuck with the franchise, only wavering from it with Angel of Darkness because I didn't have a PS2 or a PC capable of running it at the time. Luckily, according to most I dodged a bullet with this game. 

   I have since played through and beaten all of the console TR titles except AoD and some of the portable titles as well.

   Imagine my surprise when a reboot was announced. I immediately pre-ordered it. It was supposed to be a new experience for Lara and the player. It would be vulnerable, gritty and a matter of survival.
When this game was released I bought it on PS3 on launch day. I played through and beat it on every difficulty. I loved this game. While not perfect, Crystal Dynamics did an amazing job with the game. The gameplay was solid, the atmosphere was immersive & interesting and the game had replayability for a fan such as myself. It was a fun experience.

   I have since bought the game on PC along with all of the DLC and plan to play through it again this time with my high end PC.

   So what was your favorite game of the year and why? I'd like to hear.

   For today’s tune I present one of my favorite video game tracks from the 90's, in honor of my favorite game of the year, the “Main Title” theme from the original Tomb Raider by composer Nathan McCree:

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