Sunday, December 22, 2013

Artists Assemble-Nickelodeon Cartoons

Artists Assemble is a weekly event where members of the Facebook group can submit art based on a specific theme. The art must be your own and match the theme.

A nice fun event this week- lots of nostalgia and considering this weeks theme is Nick cartoons why not get your kids to draw a pic? Have fun!

Words from Jason Graziano. My boy, Antonio, drawing his favorite thing... Power Rangers

And Here's the Pic.

The Little Dragon meets The Dragon Warrior by Christopher Masson

General Iroh by Allison Julien

Tommy by Jason Graziano

Homage to Nic and Hulk! by Rodney Celerio with Zooper Earl

Words from Melbert Martin. 9 years old boy inside my class. I'm teaching in an interior part of my state. This boy don't have TV and for most of the time his family work in a paddy field. If I finished my lesson early I would let them watch animations using my laptop. So he drew this for me.

Sokka by Adam Bayes

Tommy Variant by Jason Graziano 

Sponge Bond by Richard Chin

Raphael by Adam Bayes

Korra! In a watercolor attempt by Allison Julien

Gir by Breannah Luini

CBNAHMAN an Homage to Bananaman by Chris Grisby

Sokka Variant by Adam Bayes

Shredder by Zeena Benjamin

Maya the Bee by Chris Grisby

Goku vs Superman by Melbert Martin

Nick Toons as Avengers.Jimmy Neutron as Iron Man, Danger Mouse as Nick Fury, Timmy Turner as Thor (You can see Cosmo and Wanda in the hammer if you look close), Ang as Captain America, and Patrick Star as the Hulk. Done by Patrick Mohlmann

Kung fu Panda. Work in progress by Thorsten Schmitz

Eliza Thornberry by Anne Stinson

Alex Mack by Tim Barkley

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