Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Heroes & SHIELD Agents Assemble! Read on for all the NYCC 2013 news for Marvel: Avengers Alliance & Marvel Heroes! And all you MH addicts out here, don't forget to join Comic Book HEROES Are Hot- the group for our very own CBNAH MH guild, & jump in our MH discussions out there!


*Thor movie & comics fans! The next Spec Ops 14 is gonna ring in the release of Thor: The Dark World! With Heimdall as the Ops Hero to recruit in the end, Loki as the lockbox hero & Kurse as the group boss, it's gonna be loads of fun for all us MAA addicts while we help defeat Malekith & his evil elvish forces!

*Following Loki, Sabretooth will be the next lockbox hero.

*Domino will be the next PVP hero up for grabs in Season 12. S12 will also feature a change to how the armory works.

*While we do know that Cyclops' Uncanny costume will be the reward for the Chapter 2 Mastery in storymode Season 2, Daredevil's original costume will be the reward for Chapter 3 Mastery. Also Kingpin & Sin- daughter of Red Skull, will be making their villainous debuts in Chapter 3.

*Those of us eagerly waiting for Chapter 2, the wait just got longer. Chapter 2 is in test right now. A new type of ISO-8 will be introduced with C02 that provides passive features to your characters.

*Even though he was first announced at last year's SDCC, Doctor Voodoo will be coming soon in the game.

*Android fans- MAA will be launching via Google Play on November 21!

*iOS fans- Deadpool will be the next PVP hero. Also, Punisher & Beast will soon be available for recruitment.


Check out the trailer of new content Gazillion released at NYCC:

*Squirrel Girl will be the next new hero in 1.4. Sneak peek names of some of her powers: Squirrelpocalypse, Hulkbuster Squirrels.

*She'll be followed by Gambit (in 1.5- Nov) & Nightcrawler (1.6- Dec)

*Asgard looks AMAZING! The Dark Elves will show up. And get ready to whoop Loki's ass! There will be a Global Unlocking event for the Asgard content.
*Beta Ray Bill costume for Thor.

*Bronx Zoo will be a new zone amongst others.

*Costume alts for Spiderman (ENHANCED Superior Spiderman) & Scarlet Witch (Ultimate).


And just a small note- The official game for Thor: The Dark World will be releasing on smartphones & tablets this November for free. Besides Thor, the Warriors Three, Sif, Loki, Heimdall & more will be available on your roster.

So what are you guys most looking forward to? For me it's Asgard in Marvel Heroes & then Loki as a playable hero in MAA (WITH his movie costume! YAY!)


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