Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Console Slayer...

Hey everyone!

I'm Jeff and it's The Console Slayer for 9/30/13.

This week we will take a look at and discuss a controversial subject in the home console game market: on-disc DLC ('downloadable content' for those that don't know).

Now-a-days DLC in games is quite commonplace. It can add variety to games, to varying degrees. It is a method for developers to profit further from their games.
On-disc DLC for the unaware, is when a developer includes the DLC they will require purchase for later on the physical disc(s).

Consumers are used to buying a “complete product” and owning it. Should developers sell “whole” games with all finished assets instead of saving it for the future as DLC? Would/should consumers pay for multiple endings? One is essentially buying an “unlock code” to gain access to something that is already on the purchased item. Are consumers buying the same product twice?

They are independent companies and are free to choose how they conduct business, but the bottom line is: is on-disc DLC a legitimate business practice?

I personally don't have a problem with DLC because it can benefit games positively. However, put simply, I feel on-disc DLC is kind of like buying something twice. I wonder if there are any legal issues with this subject depending on area/country...

This may not be an issue in the future as generations come and games move even more to the digital medium.

Here is one of my favorite themes from a platformer I have a ton of memories with on the Genesis/SNES. This is a really cool and unique fusion of the SG/SNES versions of the song “Heroic Assault” from Maximum Carnage. (This also happens to be my favorite Spider-Man story arc/series.)


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