Friday, October 11, 2013


This segment is about interesting TV. And sometimes movies. Smashed over the head with an Oz brick.

Welcome to SCREEN DRONE of 10/11/13 

There's lots to cover this week so let's just jump into it.

 American Horror Story: Coven (301) - Simply amazing, a perfect season premier. About time Witches got their turn in the spotlight, i'm sure we're all fatigued from vampires and zombies. As if Cathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Frances Conroy were not enough of a stellar cast, Angela Basset guest stars. everything about this "School for Exceptional Young Ladies" reminds me of the X-Men's own "School for Gifted Youngsters". Bring it.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 906: The Gang Saves The Day - Mac kills it. This one is segmented into a pentagon of fantasies. The Charlie cartoon portion was a great touch, searing on the sweet but inevitably ending in a twist of typical and nonsensical Charlie fashion.

Adventure Time 537: Filler episode. A boxed-cat kingdom. It was overall puerile. Reminds me how this is indeed sometimes a kid's show. Last week's dungeon crawler to deal with emotions theme was superior (and really hit close to home). I look forward to when they address the duos current ages for chronologies sake

Sons of Anarchy 605: Like True Blood's proportion for violence, this is another of those guilty pleasures. I think a lot of this show is ridiculous, but I've been oddly addicted/fascinated with Ron Pearlman's ugly mug since first discovering it in Alien Resurrection. Not to mention the slew of high profile guest stars, it makes for a dumbed down but enjoyable viewing. A brainless and fun killing of time. Although, it is verging on the preposterous nature of Weeds. You know, where season after season she would get into hotter water and you're just like WTF, how is this lady not dead. Well, that's what it's felt like for a while and thus is my curse of a completest. Show needs to conclude gracefully and soon.

How I Met Your Mother 904: I love Robyn, she's so appealing. However, I've been wanting Ted to get shot in the face since the first episode of season 1 aired. so i'm not caring much for his consecutive turmoil and i'm sure i'm not alone. the man has too many esteem issues. It's weird but the cast around him is so amazing, each one of his friends completely makes this show. Ted is just, pardon the imagery, a leaking vagina. Anyway, great episode with more hinges of lesbian Lilly which i love.

The Legend of Korra 205 - Man, lately Korra needs to stop bitching and Makko needs to stop being so useless. As the per, Bolin, Tenzen and his family steal the show yet again. Still a profound animated program and and a great latest chapter of an exceptional series. they just need to cut down on Korra's obnoxious adolescence constantly rearing its pretty skull.

Modern Family 504 - The appeal behind this show is not just the idea of a happy and accepting, modern day, American family that spans several cultures, sexualities, and beliefs, but in it's ability to word play. The writing team must be composed of genius word-smiths because unlike most sitcoms that run a joke into the ground, here it evolves and elevates to unthinkable levels. It's passed around like a basketball in a basketball court smoothly, flowing to flawless (and hilarious) propulsion that just detonates the hoop. Plus, I love that loud Spanish chick. Another great episode as the cast is visibly ageing through out all the generations and dealing with life changes.

Top Chef 1101 - I always have to have a plate of delectables in front of me when I watch this show or I suffer. It doesn't even matter if I had JUST eaten, Top Chef always brings out the saliva lust. I know there are a lot of cooking shows out there, but this is my chosen. And unlike certain competitive cooking shows, the only pressure the contestants feel is the time limit. They are free from being shouted at and in turn provide the most beautiful and artistic creations from skilled minds of the culinary world. This year's competition takes place in New Orleans so the cuisine should prove to be interesting. Get your drool mats ready everyone. Must be a fan of food.

Key and Peele 303 & 304: A double serving of my favourite sketch show this week. The duo always serves up gut busting comedy. Sometimes, the skits are super weird, but they speak to my frequency. The intro sketch of 303 literally choked me with laughter.

South Park 1703: Zimmerman. They go there. With a dash of World War Z. You have to watch this one to believe it. 

The Big Bang Theory 704: Pity sex and online dating, featuring Stu the broken comic store owner.

Parks and Recreation 604: A longtime favourite, Parks always hits the funny bone with a mallet. Now that Eagletown has dissolved back into Pawnee, the gang interacts with bizzaro counterparts. Gerry comes back and the notable absence of Andy begins (the actor is busy filming his role as Peter Quill the Starlord for next year's Guardians of the Galaxy).

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