Friday, October 11, 2013

Parenting With The Soylent Greens: A Nerds Guide...

Parenting With The Soylent Greens: A Nerds Guide

This installment is a bit late and I do apologise for that but the book being reviewed was longer than the last one. This time we'll be reviewing “Adventure Time Mathematical Edition: Vol 1”. This weeks book is a HC trade which collects The FCBD issue and 1-4 of adventure time as well as some other extras like covers.

Mat- For me this book was almost perfect. It had a strong story which I really didn't expect from a comic book aimed at younger readers and has all of the humour from the adventure time TV show, The only thing missing is John DiMaggio's voice. If you only considered the amount of story content in the book this isn't incredible value (especially since 1 issue was free in the first place) but the sheer amount of effort that has gone into the book makes it worth the extra. The book is a pleasure to hold (it just feels nice in your hands) with the embossed cover designed by Stephanie Gonzaga... then you open the cover and meet the first piece of artwork which is just beautiful and has so many little nods to the series including the Magic Man, Lemongrab, Tree Trunks and Ricardio. The story is pretty solid, following on from the episode “Mortal Recoil” it follows the idea that the Lich was able to survive the episode by hiding the bag of holding and decides that he can use the bag to destroy all life and mostly Finn and Jake. For me I found that the story flowed well and didn't seem forced near the end. It ran its course and felt like it should end where it did.

My only complaint with this book was the additional content in the back. Every cover for the first 4 issues were included in the back and there were a few “behind the scenes” pages including a short story but I was left wanting more concept art however that's just left me wanting volume 2 to see more.

 Megan- “This is a long book but its funny. I didn't know what it was about until I watched adventure time again and then I remembered who the Lich was. The story took a long time to read but I didn't want to read the last pages because there was just pictures to look at and daddy already has them in his box to look at. I liked the book and want to read the Marceline comic now.”

 Value for money- 7/10. With 20% of the story effectively free and the additional content being “boring” to children, this book caters more to adults than anybody else, however the book only costs £2 more than the TPB and the quality of the HC it is vastly superior. Story and Art- 10/10. This is exactly what it promised it would be when I opened it.

Overall- 8/10. This book does need a small amount of adventure time knowledge but its pretty easy to pick up. It has a strong story and in my opinion you would be justified to buy the HC over the TPB just for the quality of the book. The book is also strong enough to share with the family without being boring to parents or inappropriate for children.

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