Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Heroes, time to Hero Up! How many out here are addicted to Marvel Heroes?? Comic Book Nerds Are Hot has it's very own guild (of the same name) within the game! Do join Comic Book HEROES Are Hot group that's associated with our MH guild: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marvelheroesfriends/
So Patch 1.3 got out yesterday in Marvel Heroes! So what's in store for you after 1.3? Read on to find out...
*Luke Cage fans! Christmas has come early (see what I did there ;P ) for you guys! Power Man can now be purchased in-game!

*Iron Man fans- Iron Man has had a complete rework!

*Changes have also been made to Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Spidey & Thor.

*New costume alts for Deadpool (Lady Deadpool) & Black Widow (Thunderbolts) can now be purchased in-game!

You can read the deats for the above & the whole list of changes in the patch here: http://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/comment/378740

I've listed some of the (in my opinion) best additions below:
*If all your current heroes are at L60 & you didn't know what to do next, fear not- Prestige Mode is here! Buy the Ancient Gourd of Prestige from Clea to enable your L60 hero to restart at level 1. All of your items & synergy bonuses will be retained. All quests may be repeated, but power rewards will not be given again. You can get 5 colors of Iron Buddy pets from Clea for your respective prestige level.

*Hero Synergies are finally in-game! Having heroes in your roster at L25 & then L50 will now enable you to add more benefits to them & your other heroes! Hit "V" when you are at a hub or in the training room to assign synergies.

*The Legendary Quests of Odin will now open up for your L20 heroes. This will be one of THE best ways to up your heroes' XP asap. Rewards will be Legendary Marks of Odin which will help add Legendary Blessings to your hero artifacts. (Note: The Odin tasks are currently bugged- XP isn't as high as promised & the Odin orange XP orbs are not visible currently. This will be fixed in the next patch.)

*XP Buffs have been done in certain story areas & Midtown to help normal mode progression.

*You can now effectively focus on tenacity as it has been fine-tuned to help reduce crowd control times & thus, increase overall damage. More tuning will continue on it over next week.

*About 40 more Uniques & 6 new artifacts have been added into the game! 19 new Advanced Artifacts have also been added! These are high level versions of currently existing artifacts.

*There's a new recipe to upgrade a purple item to a cosmic item!!! Requires L20 crafter.

*The Hand of Doom artifact can be obtained from Red T4 Doctor Doom

*You can now buy a 1-time use Bovine Sector Portal from Clea for 500,000 credits!!!

*Team Insignias are now a new item type with a dedicated item slot in your character sheet (I). They can be worn by any hero who's been a member of that team in the comics. But SHIELD team insignias can be used by all.

*Heals When Injured affix has been removed from bosses!!!

So what are your favorite changes? Any changes I've not mentioned here that you guys like in particular...?


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