Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tyrone's Reviews: Debris #3 and Mind the Gap #5!

Mind the Gap #5
The story of Elle’s attack continues, this issue focuses on her boyfriend Dane and his sordid past, which has evidentially come a knocking! I really enjoyed this
issue as it takes the focus off of Elle and shows us a new perspective without getting too far off track.

The art in this issue also takes a shift with the new plot perspective, instead of Esquejo doing the whole issue as the story shifts so does the art style with guest Jo Chen stepping in. I feel like this added a great deal to the tone of the story and really showcased that what we’re seeing is from Elle’s perspective and when we’re being shown something she hasn’t personally experienced or when we see an event from another character’s perspective it will appear different, the utilization of different artists really showcased this perfectly.

This issue showcasing Dane’s story was a great break from the dream world Elle is living in. We get to see some background on one of the suspects which added a great deal of perspective in concern to the greater mystery. I’m hoping as the story progresses we’ll get more issues like this where McCann will give us some information about the people surrounding this case and Ellis.

There were many launched comics this year and as 2013 rolls closer I’m more and more convinced that Mind the Gap is one of the best. There are a substantial amount of books out there that are being produced pushing “flash and a cape” over content and I love that there is a book being made where the creators put an amazing amount of thought and care into each panel. There is a difference and I suggest picking this book up in issue form rather than trade waiting because examining each issue is a lot of fun and really a key part of this story, once you read it you’ll notice the quality and be happy this book is in your pull list.

Debris #3

In this issue of Debris Maya continues her journey of discovery in search of salvation for her people. The glimpses of her past show the making of a hero while the story moving forward is enjoyable and engaging. Debris epic story is written by Kurtis J Wiebe and married with the incredible art by Riley Rossmo creating a completely original comic that shouldn’t be missed.

I’m in love with the writing in this book and I really love the feeling of discovery that Wiebe has given to every page, while the world seems new Maya feels like an old soul who is easy to care about. The tale could easily be bogged down with all the elements within the book including the journey, setting, and the colossals but Wiebe’s method of story telling is done so well that it all comes together perfectly.

This creative team has worked together before, Rossmo joined Wiebe in one of my favorites Green Wake. You wouldn’t know these books were created by the same team because the only thing that seems to be similar is that they’re both done impeccably. Riley Rossmo really shows his range and his ability to adapt to story with this book, I’m totally in love with the character designs and the visual style of the book is really something to behold.

With this creative team I really believe no wrong can be done, Debris is another book I think should be on everyones pull list. Wiebe and Rossmo understand each other and their work together is on another level, the story and art is married perfectly in telling a futuristic tale we’ve not yet experienced. Originality and talent have created a book that I would suggest to most anyone.

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