Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tyrone's Reviews: Buffy #13 and Hoax Hunters #3!

Buffy Season 9 #13

In this issue of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 we see the conclusion of one of the most quirky story arcs yet in the series. Buffy has to take down the wolfram and hart demon social network “Tin Can” the story and art are both fun and on track with this current season, and quite enjoyable.

This season of Buffy comics has been about going back to basics, while various characters come and go from Buffy’s life the focus is mainly on Buffy as she finds her place in the world. This story arc she was trying her hand at using her skills as hired protection with her old friend, Willow’s ex-girlfriend Kennedy. The story was fun as they’re pitted against old Angel baddie Wolfram and Hart and pitted with the task of taking down their social network “Tin Can” This story has everything a Buffy story should right down to the quips and I believe Andrew Chambliss did a wonderful job capturing the feel and tone of classic Buffy. This comic continues to be good and I’m liking the current season a lot more than I liked season 8.

The art is something I always enjoy on a Buffy comic and it seems that Jeanty is only getting better with each issue. Jeanty has managed to capture the likeness of Buffy and her world without creating something that looks and feels like he’s trying to match the television series. The panels feel animated and I really can’t imagine anyone else doing this book, although Phil Noto’s covers are a beautiful addition.

Buffy Season 8 has been consistently enjoyable and this latest story arc is no exception, I love the way the creative team behind this series thinks and works. I keep wondering how many stories our slayer has left and with this creative team and support from the original writers and producers it seems the number may be infinite, and for this book at least I’m alright with that.

Hoax Hunters #3

Hoax Hunters was a book I added to my pull list with a little reservation, I have seen and read similar stories and wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on a book I’ve read before, but within the first couple of issues I was charmed by the characters and really took a liking to the writing style.

This book follows a group of supernaturally gifted individuals who work together as a kind of Hoax-Task force each with their own gift and place within the group. The story isn’t bogged down with a heavy meaning or a moralistic skeleton but it’s fun and easy to get into, it actually plays a lot like a 90’s cartoon where each character is easily identifiable and stands out immediately. This first story arc has been great fun and I really like that Image has given this series shelf space.

The one place where this comic is lacking is the art, it isn’t horrible it just isn’t up to par with the other books being produced by Image. When you compare the work to something like “Morning Glories” or “Mind the Gap” there is a noticeable drop in the art from Medellin’s pencils right down to Soils’ colors this fun, exciting story is accompanied by flat and lifeless art. While it doesn’t ruin the book for me I hope to see an improvement in later issues as I think the story really deserves something with a little more flash.

Overall Hoax Hunters is a lot of fun to read, it plays like Scooby-Doo for adults and is one of the more enjoyable books I’m reading. I love the juxtaposition of this book in contrast with the rest of Image’s more serious series and if you’re into supernatural stories you should consider adding this series to your pull list!

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