Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Invincible, Witchblade, Darth Vader and More!

Invincible #95

Its the climax of the story involving Robot and Monster Girl from a couple issues ago, and its building to critical mass.  Hats off to the creative team!  As everyone whose been reading this title knows, Robot and Monster Girl relate a tale, a flashback of the events from when they were trapped in another dimension, All this, while in the midst of staving off an alien invasion from said place.  And from then on, Robots been hinting of a major betrayal done purportedly by his partner/ love interest.

In this issue the longevity of their stay gets laid out and the extent of their participation in that worlds liberation becomes fully revealed.  What actually floored me was the major revelation in this issue.  Boy I really wasn't counting on that. I mean, I had my ideas but it was as if I was a deer caught in a cars head lights.  As if its not clear enough, This issue has major ramifications for the future of the aforementioned couple.  I do hope that both of them survive this encounter.  

The creative team always delivers and in this issue, we get a brief glimpse on Kirkman's politics as this reads much like his social commentary. The art as always, is kick ass.  I could never imagine Invincible being done by another artist. Walker and Ottley has definitely made their careers with this book.
Next issue is not to be missed folks!  Kirkman and co always bring their A- Games to this title!

Witchblade #160

The quality of this book since the relaunch has not lagged at all, if anything else, it has consistently been very good.  Here, We get to see Sara utilize the Witchblade in ways that shes rarely done in the past.  Its nice to see some of the Artifacts lesser used capabilities.

With that, and the way that writer and artist seem to launch Sara in action fully clothed, I'm really liking this new direction.  Before I started reviewing this title on a consistent basis for this website, I knew next to nothing about The WitchBlade.  I only know her as "The barely clothed lady with the cool looking Gauntlet." whenever I catch an image of her.  Now, I could not get enough of the character and its all thanks to this creative team.  The focus is more on story.  Sure, you still get your fill of TNA but its less expressed.  

And as for the story, it couldnt get any better.  Sara is up against a deadly new enemy and the conclusion of this issue bodes ill for our star.  It can only get more interesting beyond this point.  A cute leader of a cult that follows her every whim versus  a battle hardened Police officer with a mystical artifact?  Whats not to like?  See you next month!

Star Wars:  Darth Vader and The Ghost Prison #5

From the beginning, I have raved about this title for the stellar art and the kind of unique premise where Vader and The Emperor become embroiled in a ruthless power grab/ coup from some of the rank and file.  By my reckoning, this has never happened before.  Vader as always, has served the role of hunter and never the prey.  So that alone, should pique your curiosity.  

The art, oh, what more could be said about the art?  Its gorgeous!  Every panel just takes your breath away.  It alone is worth the price of admission.

The ending is sort of predictable as Vader would always be Vader, but none the less, its still a joy to watch.  This has been a good ride from start to finish and it has been a pleasure to see it unfolding before my eyes.

Moral Lesson of this book is, you never, ever, cross Vader.  Ever.

Ghost #0

Wow, Phil Noto seems to be all over the place these days.  Probably one of the most prolific artist active today, sometimes, with me, he has been hit or miss as I fairly think he needs to improve on a lot of background work as he tends to focus more on faces, but for this issue, I think he did a good job.

Now storywise, it does a good job of introducing you to the characters and enveloping you in their world.  Ive never read a Ghost comic before, I saw  some of her comics's covers during the late 90's but that is pretty much it.  So i cant really tell if this is a continuation or a reboot, but from what I saw this issue, I really liked.  It continues in a four issue mini series where we would see the protagonists try to unravel the identity of the mysterious Ghost, while being chased by thugs from the organization that created the machine that brought her back to the land of the living.  It promises to be a good adventure/chase comic fraught with thrills and almost assuredly, startling revelations.  Dark Horse has lived up to its name.  For me, it is the strongest comic company outside of the big two.  Readily displacing Image.  This title would make a pretty good argument as to why that is so.

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