Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: It Girl #2 and Manhatten Projects #6!

It Girl and the Atomics #2
Mike Allred is the master of costume and character design I'd give him that. His creations and costumes often catch your attention and are very dynamic in scope and concept. That's pretty much what It girl is in a nutshell.  
I enjoyed the book even though at the rapid pace that I was reading it, left me a little confused. And this was only the second issue. So that's my only complaint. It felt like a comic with ADHD sort of like the feeling you would get when watching an episode of the Spider-man 90s cartoon. But the story is interesting enough to merit another try at the next issue. The cover by Allred alone is worth the price of admission. I understand that for some, Allred’s art might be considered an acquired taste so you won't be disappointed as Mike Norton, probably one of the most underrated artist who is active today, fires on all cylinders. This is a very good, fun issue. Although like I noted earlier, it might take a while to get yourself acquainted with the flow of the story. But it's definitely something I would check out if you want to broaden your horizons beyond the big two. Go check it out.

Manhattan Project #6
Don't get me wrong; I really love this book and the quirkiness that it brings. It often stands out among the current litter of comics because it is deeply entrenched in a sci fi, high concept dashed with a little bit of Twilight Zone mode, but dear God, it feels like the buildup is just so slow. I guess I was just a little too weaned with today's norm of six issue arcs, and I guess I should appreciate that someone is actually reviving long overarching stories again, but sometimes, I just really want to hit the fast forward button on this book like, really let's get to some payoff soon. I guess this comic is just not for everyone but I think this project, if you'd pardon the pun, would've benefitted more were it done as a novel. It would've been a novel idea and concept and it could've been optioned as a prime candidate for a film someday. Oops I did it again, sorry.

The art and the story is good but I just really feel that they should drop an atomic bomb now just to make sure the audiences attention is still there. Okay I'm going to stop now. Buy the book, but if you’re this late in the game, id sit this one out and wait for the trade. It'll read much better that way.

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