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Oliver's Reviews: Darth Maul, The Goon, Angel and Faith plus More!

Angel and Faith #14
So far, I feel this issue has redeemed the title. Finally, there's an endgame in sight. An actual plan to bring back Giles  as I have been wondering how Angel would do just about that the past few issues. Also, the re-emergence of Willow has been nothing short of amazing. I really hope that she would stick around or that we would see her again soon. 
The only actual problem that I've had with this issue is that Faith has been mostly held in the background. I guess, with the way that the storyline drove itself, it can't be helped, but seeing how this issue ended, I'm betting that that would be remedied soon. 
Cool issue. It actually gives you a "Dante's inferno" feel. Plus the story is not boring, nor is it all over the place. Willow and Angel fans in particular would love this story for its strong character development regarding those characters, and lastly, the art is impressive, clear and enjoyable to see. I would give this comic an 8/10 rating because it's really fun. 

The Goon #42

This is my first time reading this book. I have mostly avoided Eric Powell because I believe he had become the face of what I mostly think are unfair criticisms when it comes to the big two. But still, I have been hearing rave reviews for this book and I decided to give it a shot.  The result?

I actually enjoyed it. I was so prepared to hate it, given my personal feelings but that's not practicing what I'm preaching. Given this reviewers first exposure to the material, I actually found myself laughing out loud at some of the comedic scenarios that Powell and team brought to the Issue. The Goon is more of a joke/satire book that's how I see it. It doesn't take itself too seriously so I guess that's where the fun starts. And the art....oh, the art. IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL I like the style that the art team uses here (the black and white back up story is good enough) but if all works in unison, with colors, the results are just spectacular. So hats off to Powell and co for a strangely entertaining book. I would probably stick with the big two for the most part, but The Goon has definitely earned my respect. Kudos.

Idolized #2

This issue has got to be my favorite from my review stack this week. I know the story is cliché and had probably been tackled so many times in comics, but still, it brings about a certain freshness to the material.

I like the protagonist and her internal struggles. Somehow, she was written in a way that that does not seem forced. The character development has a very nice pacing.  Also, the supporting characters are interesting. I would really love to see more of them in upcoming issues. 
The art is fantastic too! I have never heard of this writer and artist team before, but I think their work has so much potential.
Finally, I would just like to mention how impressed I am with Humberto Ramos's cover. It really grabbed my attention when I saw it. Also, I'm not sure who came up with the characters costume design, but it's simplicity is, ironically, very striking. I love it. All in all, a very good issue. Well drawn, well paced, well written. A commentary about Hollywood and today's tv industry that you will appreciate. A good buy.

Soul fire vol 4, #2

I would have to say that this book is pretty average is my eyes. While the story is decent enough, I feel the art is a little inconsistent from time to time. There are times when it's very detailed and nice to look at, and there are times that it's a bit mediocre. But despite that, colorist Nei Rufino brings her A-game into this book with her visually striking colors to save the day. 

The story is a little textbook, "we have to save one of our own who was possessed by an evil entity". I think I've seen that a couple hundred times already, nothing really unique about this separating it from the phalanx of similar stories. Also, I'm not sure who came up with the character designs as this is my first time reading this title, but I'm not really that much of a fan of it. I mean, just how many team members can you have with metal hands? I don't know, I just feel that they could've done better in that department. Nothing really to write home about, not so bad either. Just average. And I think, I believe, that that, is this books ultimate failing.

Steed and Mrs Peel #1

Wow. Did I ever NOT see that coming. I am surprised at the creative liberties that this team has taken for this comic. Well, maybe not, seeing that the man who came up with the story, is a certain Mr Waid....you know if his name is attached to a project, it's quality is unquestioned.

Bravo. This comic is bold, very fast paced and very direct to the point. It was done very well both with the scripting and with the art. Oh boy, the art! 
It is very beautifully rendered! One of the strengths of this series ( counting the previous one that came before this) is that the artists are very good. I must credit the editor for managing to assemble a dream team composed of veteran writers (Morisson and Waid) and up and coming artists that are very talented. 
The story reads very quick but you wouldn't feel cheated out of your dollars if you were to buy this. If I were in charge, I would've named this comic: "Steed and Mrs Peel: Armageddon". That would give you a clue as to what your in for. This is a great comic and more importantly, it has the number #1 attached to it.... So it's a good starting point.

Darth Maul Death Sentence #3

This book has gone off to a very good start and it has not dropped a notch ever since. 
This issue, we get to see how evil Darth Maul really is. It's rare that you get a comic where the main "protagonist" has no redeeming value whatsoever. 

The Jedi's tasked with bringing Maul in, gets a huge boost and we get a cameo from a more famous Force Wielder, who has a score to settle with the title character. I'm pretty sure that we'll see sparks fly in the next issue.

All in all, a fantastic comic. Dark Horse, through Star Wars, has managed to stay strong in the comic book industry with astonishing series that have come one after the other. This year in particular, has been very good, and Darth Maul: Death Sentence, is among the front runners. Do yourself a favor and read this book today. The climax in this issue is, alone, worth the price your paying for the comic!
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