Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Revival, Spike, Mind the Gap and More!

Revival #3 –
Tim Seeley continues to weave a bewildering yet thoroughly engaging story that further asks questions on why the resurrections have occurred. There are teases of ‘antagonists’ while leaving enough room for the complexity of human nature and emotion to be extricated from the diverse cast. The assorted crew in the book is given ample screen-time and it’s nice that the title isn’t hinged on just one or two folks. Mike Norton’s artistic vision complements the plot well and it’s such a perfectly-structured and cohesive read, you want more…and more. (9/10)
Spike: A Dark Place #2 –
Victor Gischler has shown he has a great handle on Marvel’s vampires and I’d love him writing Morbius or Blade, but the story of Spike tossed into space and battling aliens with mundane vendettas isn’t his forte. Paul Lee’s pencils are good enough but the same can’t be said for the story. It’s lacking momentum and gusto…as Spike runs into ticked-off haters…and Black Widow? It’s a bunch of random appearances and deus ex machinas that never lend to a stable plot. Spike has more to offer than being Buffy’s rebound or being space-fodder, and here, there’s no chance they are going to harvest or harness the proper stories that are potentially there. Dropping this title…now! (3/10)
Ghost #0 –
Kelly Sue Deconnick cuts loose here to great effect. It’s a neat and nifty mystery with a gruff cast and illustrated by the ever-sublime Phil Noto. When a ghost randomly appears and finds herself in much more trouble than intended, you’d never see the ramifications coming for a couple real-world gents stuck in bore and poverty. It’s a nice chemistry in the cast that surely makes for brilliant exposition, and given Deconnick’s elevation in the past year, I can see some concepts strewn here that could well make for something as spectacular and wondrous…much akin to ‘Mind the Gap. (9/10)
Mind the Gap #5 –
The best issue thus far. It’s really taking turns in all the right directions…and Jim McCann raises it up a notch. With a stellar issue and a lot of dramatic twists and turns, it’s merely a formality to see Esquejo’s versatility in the book’s art. I really couldn’t find anything off here. It’s a perfect issue and McCann continues to show his craftiness by leaving Elle out the issue and simply reverberating conniving consequence after consequence within the cast. He paints scenes of duplicity well…and with so many questions arising, the suspense is even more built for issue 6. It’s remarkable how better this book is getting. (10/10)
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5 –

The series wraps nicely here as we see how ruthless and cunning Vader is. He ushers his aide, Tohm, through the paces as they end the insurgence and uprising within the Sith ranks. It’s a treacherous attempt to rid the Empire of Palpatine and Vader, and it’s neatly orchestrated until Vader brings the heat in the finale. Haden Blackman’s script and Agustin Alessio’s art are in sync as they relay a climax worthy of applause. This is how the Sith roll…and the ending shows how doomed the Jedi were really meant to be. (10/10)

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