Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oz's 2-Cent Reviews for November part 2

Welcome to another installation of our 2 cent reviews.  This batch will primarily be none big 2 books specifically Saga #7, Archer & Armstrong #3-4, Storm Dogs #1, The Hypernaturalls #5, and Danger Club volume 1: Death.  I still have a giant pile to go through so look for the next segments real soon.

 Saga 7:  A sure sign of an awesome comic is when it goes by too fast.  That goes double for this issue.  If you're not getting Saga already, what are you waiting for?  This issue: giant scrotum
 Archer & Armstrong 3-4:  Everything awesome in Incredible Hercules is transferred to this book.  I'm entertained each issue and it has that Van Lente humour I love.  I'm glad I stumbled upon this series, it's been well worth it.
 Storm Dogs 1:  I'm not really sure if this book lived up to the hype I saw from everyone but that doesn't mean it wasn't interesting.   I can't really give an opinion before I reread at least once however it's worth mentioning Doug Braithwaite on pencils.
 Hypernaturals 5:  Hypernaturals is building into something special.  Lots of back story and focus on the two most interesting members Inkwell and Clone-45.
Danger Club Volume 1- Death:  This was GREAT.  Fresh spins on old ideas with simple clean art and vibrant colours. It's also VERY fast paced.  The last issue of the trade had me speechless countless times.  I enjoyed the style of storytelling the author chose, it's fun piecing things together yourself.  I appreciated how un-wordy it was, the art said everything.  The one down side is I typically hate 4 issue-only tpb but for 9.99, I let it slip.

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