Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2 Cent Reviews: Marvel NOW!

This batch, I take a look at a few of the Marvel NOW books released for the last 2 weeks of November   Next, I'll do some DCnUs.  But for now, X-Factor 247, Captain America 1, Fantastic Four 1, FF 1, Thor God of Thunder 2, and Uncanny Avengers 2.

 X-Factor 247:  Mr. and Mrs. Madrox.  I like the ring of that.  X-Factor takes a rest with this issue as Layla and Jaime go on their honeymoon.  And of course, that means zombies and decapitation.

 Captain America #1:  Great insight to Captain America, his past, his personal life, everything.  Very interesting fact, Cap turns 90 in this issue.  Impressive.  Top that all of with my favourite obscure villain Arnim Zola and you've got yourself a pretty good first issue.
 Fantastic Four #1:  In this issue: Matt Fraction makes me not hate him.  He fits nicely with the traditional aspects of the Four.  Everyone plays their role perfectly.

 FF #1:  Basically, Future Foundation here correlates with Fantastic Four for a twice a month experience.  All by Fraction except the difference being; while the first is more traditional, this iteration is astoundingly original.  It's trying new things in the Baxter building.  From the cast (which includes a few of my favourites) to the always-amazing Michael Allred pencils, this one is the obvious winner.
 Thor God of Thunder #2:  The story keeps growing as an epic.  We are privy to witness Thor at 3 points in his life, his past, present and future as he fights against the God killer.  The art is great and the writing is wonderful.  Jason Aaron really knows how to tell a good story, no matter the character or property.
Uncanny Avengers #2:  I can already tell that this is going to be a quality book.  Red Skull's plans are revealed.  And they're dark as fuck.  Issue one had me unsure as to whether this title would live up to the hype, but after reading issue 2, I'm convinced.

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