Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 Cent Reviews Pre-Weekend: Everything first week December

Today, I'll take a look at my entire pile for the first week of December.  These include Avengers #1, X-Factor #248, Dial H #7, World's Finest #7, Earth 2 #7, Animal Man #15, Swamp Thing #15, Great Pacific #2, Storm Dogs #2, and The Hypernaturals #6.  Come back after the weekend for another helping of reviews for the second week of December releases.

 Avengers 1:  This book is dripping epicness.  I don't want to get into it too much, but the story is VERY reminiscent to Giant Sized X-Men #1.  The last page knocked me off my socks.  In Hickman we trust!
 X-Factor 248: So remember a few issues ago when Pip the Troll got shot in the head?  Well, I better not say anything or else I'll find Peter David at my door with a baseball bat (he hates people spoiling his books).  The team gets set up for something big and it all leads to their milestone issue, #250.
 Swamp Thing 15:  Rotworld, The Green Kingdom part 3.  The final War against Arcane continues as Holland makes his way to Gotham City with the aid of Deadman.   But not without resistance and not without a price.  Alec finally arrives to the batcave to find a very familiar face, one that has taken a shocking manifestation.
 Animal Man 15:  Rotworld, The Red Kingdom part 3.  Buddy Baker continues to build alliances and a crew of insurgents in this chaotic future.  A certain classic monster shows up to lend a hand and tips the gang off to the location of a powerful being who can help the crew stand a chance against Arcane.  The location is Metropolis...but it's not who you THINK!
 The Hypernaturals 6:  The rookies shine in this one.  The storyline is getting so complex and multi-layered that a re-read for better comprehension is in order.  Still, it went by fast which is always an indication of a good book.
 Great Pacific 2:  Lots of big ideas, lots of intelligent and interesting real-world concepts.  But is it entertaining?  Maybe one day when I'm older and I spend half my time sitting in front of the news channel.  But for now?  Not really.  Dropped.
Storm Dogs 2:  Hine is amazing at world-building.  Never thought I'd enjoy a comic with 22 pages of talking heads.  Yet every sentence was fascinating.  This will satisfy your sci-fi fix without a doubt.
 Dial H 7:  How is that a book with such sub-par art keeps me entertained so much each month?  As a comic fan, I am more of a visual-reader but I do recognize and enjoy good writing and this book has that in spades.  The hunt for a new dial continues and takes our two mismatched heroes on a quest out to sea.  Meanwhile, we meet the next antagonist in the series and he has some pretty funky powers.
 Worlds' Finest 7:  Damian continues guest starring and it's a pleasure.  Not a bad issue, but as typical of the title, not much happens.  Still entertaining enough to warrant another issue, but my patients does grow thin.
Earth2 7:  The slow process of the book can be quite boring but I have to admit that I am excited about upcoming characters.  Mr. Terrific.  Red Tornado.  Sandman.  Doctor Midnight.  Add those to the already "gathered" Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, The Flash and The Atom, and you've got a start to gathering the JSA.  I just wish they would get together faster.  All this politics is doing my head in.

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