Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 Cent Reviews: Non Big 2

Hey, sorry about the tardiness for this here last batch of November books, but better late then not.  Next review segment will not be on a hyper-schedule like the last few but that only means more books for me to two-sentence-on.  Without further ado, here are Glory #30, Multiple Warheads #2, The Goon #43, Bedlam #2, Clone #1 and 2000 AD #1807.

 Glory 30:  Do you like blood?  Do you like violence?  Do you like siblings tearing flesh and exploding bones off each other?  This issue is for you.  There's also a bonus retro styled flashback short story to start you off your bloodlusty appetite.
 Multiple Warheads 2: Brandon Graham has to be the best artistic discovery I have made in 2012.  He does everything in his books, including packing every page with little tid bits for us to find.  The story continues to be sexy and weird.  It's a great book for those who want something different.
 Goon 43:  Guest starring Billy the Kid in a role you wouldn't expect...unless you've read the Goon before.  It's Halloween which means carnage and mayhem ensue.  Also featuring a back up pencilled by Mark Buckingham.
 Bedlam 2:  Not as powerful as the first issue but I'm still intrigued to understand the overall arc.  Is he crazy?  Was he the one that committed the murders?  Was it someone else?  And what the hell is up with that nurse with the stitched up mouth???

 Clone 1:  Enjoyable with a curious premises.  We meet our cast, some in briefer sequences then others, and with that the story flows in a manic pace.  The main character is Luke and he has a pregnant girlfriend.  It's apparent that he is terrified of fatherhood.  However, the events he experiences in the issue should straighten out his priorities right quick.  The art is fair and my attention is successfully grasped so I'll give this at least another issue.

2000AD 1807:  My first issue of this weekly magazine and unfortunately my last.  Not that it was badly crafted, it just wasn't what I thought it would be.  I know I've walked in the middle of the movie here but it still didn't grab me.  Financially, this is ok because a once a week release is a little straining on my wallet.

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