Friday, December 7, 2012

2-Cent Reviews: DC New 52

A quick glance at how the last half of DC's November books went.  Come back Sunday for some non-big two reviews.  For now though, Justice League 14, Sword of Sorcery 2, Legion of Super-Heroes 14, Demon Knights 14, Green Lantern New Guardians 14, Wonder Woman 14, Batwoman 14, Supergirl 14 and Flash 14.

Justice League #14:  I'm glad they wrapped up the Cheetah storyline quickly because all the juicy stuff happens in the last 2 pages.  That Aquaman panel set in the water was eye popping.  Honourable mention go to the Shazam back up; it flows like a movie and I can't wait until the climax.
 Sword of Sorcery #2:  I'm really starting to love this book, which mean it's going to get cancelled, probably right as it gets super epic.  We meet more of the different houses, all of them named after gems.  Fantasy like that is fun.  And if it's even possible, the back-up story is ten times as awesome.  Try SOS!!
 Legion of Super-Heroes 14:  Final issue for me.  I love Paul Levits but this isn't doing it for me any more.  I needed to cut down anyway, my pile is getting huge.  Also, I fucking HATE Chemical Kid.
Demon Knights 14:  Last issue's betrayal seems to be pulling back layers on an unforeseen plan.  Vandal Savage steals the entire comic with one panel.
 Green Lantern New Guardians 14:  I like Arkylo.  I like him a lot.  But I want to see the rest of the new guardians more.  Good issue, looking forward to these lantern lessons wrapping up though.
 Wonder Woman 14:  Diana meets her younger sibling, another Zeus offspring that has felt the wrath of Hera's jealousy.  It's a touching story of tragedy as the next storyline begins to form.  The last page:  NEW GODS!
 Batwoman 14:  Oh that luscious JH art, I don't know how this book isn't 3.99.  Wonder Woman is still guesting as things take a turn for the mythological.  No wait, the was the last two issues.  Things actually take a turn to Gotham City as Medusa unleashes her forces there.  Good looking book with a poetic narrative.  It's been a fun ride seeing the contrast between the two strong leading ladies.
 Supergirl 14:  Kara meets H'el, a strange being who claims he's another Kryptonian survivor.  He's well intentioned but Supergirl is weary of all he's claiming to offer.  And finally, after 14 issues into the series, Kara grasps command of the English language for an old fashioned last page twist!
Flash 14:  Gorilla Warfare drops hard on Central City and the Flash's only back up are the Rogues.  But even that may not be enough.  Manapul's art and Buccellato's colours remain electric.  Also in this issue, a little bit more insight into the speed-force's history.

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