Monday, January 27, 2014

Artists Assemble. Wonder Woman.

A weekly event where members of the group can submit art based on a weekly theme. The art must be your own and match the theme.

This weeks theme is Wonder Woman. Nice easy week which will no doubt draw a few people out of the woodwork.

Wonder Woman by Tristan Gage Bell

Wonder Woman Smash by Jimmy Trassen

Wonder Woman by Jimmy Trassen

A Jim Lee WW re-creation by Jimmy Trassen

Wonder Woman by Brett Buffington

Comfy Wonder Woman by Zeena Benjamin

Rouge vs Wonder Woman by Kevin Miller

Warriors by Kevin Miller

Wonder Woman and company by Kevin Miller

Wonder Woman by Jason Hendrickson

Sailor Wonder Woman by Melbert Martin

Wonder Woman by Thorsten Schmitz

Wonder Woman by Breannah Luini

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman by Christopher Masson

Wonder Woman by Jason Graziano

Wonder Women Retro pin up style by Thorsten Schmitz

Lynda Carter tattoo variant by Adam Bayes

Wonder Woman by Richard Chin

Seems that Diana Prince is getting style tips from Simon Williams aka Wonder Man by Christopher Masson

Lil Wonder Woman by Jason Graziano

1st try at Linda Carter as WW by Kevin Miller

WW Bruce Timm Style by Kevin Miller

Vintage Animated Look by Rodney Celerio

A kryptonian Wonder Woman by Rodney Celerio

A second attempt at Wonder woman by Richard Chin

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