Saturday, January 4, 2014

50 Most Influential Fictional Characters #3-1

From November 28th to December 25th 2013, we collected top ten lists from both members of the Facebook group and visitors to the site to compile the list of CBNAH Top 50 Most Influential Fictional Characters of All Time. Today we bring counting down from #3-1.

3. Superman

Created By: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
From: Superman and Justice League
First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (1938)

When Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1, the superhero genre was born in that issue. Superman establish the defining blueprint on how costumed superhero protagonists should be. The initial success of Superman lead publishers to jump on the superhero bandwagon. Superman single-handedly influence the market of comic books and the medium itself as a whole.

2. Spider-Man

Created By: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
From: Spider-Man
First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Spider-Man is Marvel's flagship character, and one of the most recognizable comic book characters in the world. Spider-Man is one of the first superheroes to have flaws and problems that readers could personally comprehend and connect to.  

1. Batman

Created By: Bob Kane and Bill Finger
From: Batman and Justice League
First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939)

Batman is number one on our Most Influential Fictional Characters list. The Caped Crusader edged Spider-Man for the top spot by three votes. Batman is a pop culture icon, and the most enduring character in fiction. Along with his rogues gallery and supporting cast, Batman will be entertaining readers and viewers for future generations.  

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