Wednesday, January 1, 2014

50 Most Influential Fictional Characters #35-31

From November 28th to December 25th 2013, we collected top ten lists from both members of the Facebook group and visitors to the site to compile the list of CBNAH Top 50 Most Influential Fictional Characters of All Time. Today we bring counting down from #35-31

35. Death

From: Mythology and Various

Death is something so horrifying and real. Death is all around us, waiting to take us to the other life at any single instant. In mythology Death can be a skeletal figure with a large scythe and in a black cloak with a hood or in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series as a young goth woman. In the end, no human can escape from Death.

34. Elizabeth Bennet

Created By: Jane Austen
From: Pride and Prejudice
First Appearance: Pride and Prejudice (1813)

The second child to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet is one of the most famous heroines in British literature. She's independent, intelligence and quick-witted. Making Pride and Prejudice into one of the most adapted and recognize novels ever.

33. Hulk

Created By: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
From: The Incredible Hulk
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)

What makes The Hulk such an unique character is that people can relate to him and all of his anger issues. There are times when someone is mad, a lot of them just want to "Hulk Out," and vent out their pain. The Hulk is an american icon with a great concept and even appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

32. Bugs Bunny

Created By: Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton and Tex Avery
From: Warner Bros. Cartoons
First Appearance: A Wild Hare (1940)

Bugs Bunny has been making people laugh since 1940. His over the top comedic style and wise guy personal made him "the" mascot of Warner Brothers. Bugs is one of a handful of animated characters to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

31. Rorschach

Created By: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
From: Watchmen
First Appearance: Watchmen #1 (1986)

Watchmen kicked off the Dark Age of Comics in '86. Pre-Watchmen avid comic readers would dream or fantasize of being a Superhero. Fighting for good, justice, saving the innocent and hooking up with the dream girl/guy. But Watchmen ripped those rules apart. Rorschach is frightening and crazy. His actions cruel, but it gets the job done. A complex character that changed the face of comics.

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