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Steven's reviews: Harbinger, Pathfinder, 68 Scars

Harbinger #3
After the turbulent events of the last two issues Peter agrees to settle down at Harada Global Conglomerates, Harbinger Foundation.  Personally I’m not sure this is a terribly good idea for either party but okay lets see how this goes before passing judgment and if it means he gets to meet the teammates he’s had in the previous incarnation than I’m by all means lets get that ball rolling.
            First impression of Amanda McKee is that she’s one cold fish.  I should have recognized that this would be the standard for employees at the Foundation.  I didn’t like that she stood there listening to the conversation either that really was none of her business.  Oh yes and let’s talk about Harada and Peter’s conversation for a moment shall we.  This was an intense talk they had with questions and answers of an alarming nature.  Seriously this threw up all kinds of warning signs to me, on both sides mind you which only intensified once Harada met with the Bleeding Monk.
            A self fulfilling prophecy that is kind of what I see happening here.  The Monk has said that Peter is the destroyer so Harada goes and pulls him into the Foundation.  Yet the Monk’s vision concerning Peter doesn’t change perhaps this is what was meant to happen all along and Peter is Harada’s downfall.  One way or another the ego that Harada possess doesn’t allow for someone like Peter to exist without him having control over him.  A plan that will literally blow up in his face sooner or later because control such what he attempting is but an illusion.
            Hidden Moon thought to teach him a lesson and set about the training he will receive wasn’t the smartest move he’s made.  Let’s face it Peter is a loose cannon whose power came on its own and didn’t need prodding.  To a level none of them understand he’s been able to master hiding his true potential.  Making him feel welcome would have perhaps lowered his guard and instead you pushed hard and the opposite happened.  You’ve let loose a tiger among prey here and he’ll learn alright but if only to have his revenge on those who wrong him.
            I don’t think anyone could possibly understand just how powerful he is not even Harada. 
            Harada might not be public enemy number one yet but these people work for him and they’ve already made an enemy out of Peter, on his first day.  That wasn’t smart by any stretch of the imagination.  Now I look forward to the day he topples this supposed empire.
            Wow Joshua really has managed to pack a lot of wallop into such a short span of time.  He’s setting the stage and introducing the actors and so far it’s all going splendidly.  You really couldn’t ask for much more out of him, well realistically anyway.  This is a strong and powerful story re-introducing us to a world which we’d forgotten we’d missed this much.  Valiant is back baby and better than ever.
’68 Scars #2 (of 4)
Image Comics 2012
Story by Mark Kidwell
Pen & Inks by Nat Jones
Colours by Jay Fotos
            Chinatown, New York City, USA, the soldiers not overseas in Vietnam are there to clean out some Zombies and rescue any citizens still alive and unaffected.
            Meanwhile back in Vietnam, Saigon to be exact Kuen Yam finally awakens after three days of much needed sleep.  As his memory returns his concern for his unit catches up with him and he’s ready to head back to Aries, the base they were stationed at.  However thanks to Henry J. Watson who also stationed there he learns that the base is no more and that the survivors have been transferred to this makeshift hospital.
            Over in the Mekong Delta we see a boy with his skipper meet up with a couple of Seals and we learn how the navy boys traveling on the river got to where they are.  I liked that the kid is as green as the leaves on the tree too it makes for I dunno a more realistic encounter and he needs to be saved that much more.  The kid tells his tale which we get to relive with him and let me tell you it’s a whopper of a tale.
            Back in Saigon at the makeshift hospital we get to see an interesting conversation take place.  Our scarred Major and his Injin pal Samson talk about what they could/should do once a call to retreat is given and what the plan until that time comes.
            Alright so how do they manage to make this not just simply another zombie tale?  Aside from putting this in the Vietnam era they’ve managed to show the Cong using the zombies as weapons and using them effectively too I might add.  We’ve not seen what caused the dead to rise again so that mystery still remains though in all honesty I don’t think they need to be explained just that they are is good enough.
            They say war is hell and well this one truly is, even if it is technically nothing more than a conflict.  I am curious to know how the disease spread from the battlefields of Vietnam to the streets of New York.  This mini is the first we see of its spread so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how that happened. 
            The artwork is pretty darn good too.  I like how it doesn’t get grotesque but there is still plenty of creepy happening.  It just proves you can do horror without having to go to the extreme with gore.  It relies heavily on the readers imagination as well as the visuals we get working in unison to really push the horror factor over the edge in its effectiveness. 
Pathfinder #1
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Written by Jim Zub
Illustrated by Andrew Huerta
Coloured by Ross Campbell
            Based on Paizo’s successful role playing games comes this fantasy adventure series. 
            As we meet three of the main players they are up against a small horde of Goblins.  Which don’t seem to be playing by the rules and they have these strange markings on them as well.  It’s a nice segue into the series as we get to see personalities and familiarity among them.  It is also nice that we see each person using their abilities so we don’t have to have unnecessary boxes of words to tell us what each one can do.  It really is more fun and interesting to learn about them this way, in battle, interacting with each other and their opponents.
            Thinking these aren’t normal Goblins they take one with them so the person they are meeting up with can examine it.  They meet easily enough and before they can tell of their adventure on the outskirts of town they are informed about the local Goblin problem.  Having already encountered them they agree to stay and help them out and solve this little problem.
            Ah fun and revelry are on the menu and as such the morning brings a hangover for the human fighter.  His morning activities bring him into conflict with a cleric; he has disturbed her morning prayers putting it nicely.  I have a feeling this cleric will be playing a larger role in this book as the story progresses.   
            They all meet up with a local guide, a Dwarven Woodsman who adds yet another dimension to this little group.    I’ll be honest I am really impressed with the way that the characters are being introduced it is very natural and seamless and yet feels like they are meant to be together.  Plus it’s a gradual addition I mean the Dwarf is their guide when they all come across the marauding horde of Goblins and the Cleric well she’s still peripheral.  
            The artwork is pretty spectacular as well.  The art is detailed and doesn’t shy away from the Barbarian Sorceress’ tattoo’s, which are coloured delightfully, and yet it can also be suggestive and leave stuff up to the imagination to fill in some details. 
            It is a group book that goes about having adventures together in brightly or scantily clad clothing using powers and weapons at their disposal.  It is intelligently written and easily captures the readers imagination as the story unfolds. 

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