Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Revival, the Victories, Saga and More!

68 Scars #1,2 –
Mark Kidwell’s one-shot about the zombie apocalypse that ravages innocent bystanders as well as war-torn soldiers with their sins and a gut-instinct for survival spans the globe from Vietnam to New York and it’s a decent enough book. Sadly, despite the impressive Nat Jones’ artwork, there’s just not enough to keep me reeled in. It looks a good premise but isn’t as exhilarating as once offered. There are nice layers of grit with the war in Vietnam topped off by zombies infesting the scenery but for me, ‘Platoon’ meets ‘Walking Dead’ just isn’t my cup of team at the moment. (6/10)
Saga #6 –
Fiona Staples is as elegant as ever while Brian Wood folds up the expository template of previous issues and just cuts loose with plain hardcore fun here. Seeing Marko usher his family, albeit with ghostly aid, into escapades of protection bodes well as they endure evasive action from the numerous threats tracking…but it’s his group’s camaraderie, chemistry and buoyant interaction that sizzle off the pages. Throw in a bumper last page that’s sure to add new meaning to the ‘extended family’ and you continue being thoroughly pleased with this miniseries. It’s endearing and profane…and boatloads of fun. (9/10)
Victories #1 –
Mike Oeming scraps ‘Powers’ and really lets it all hang out here…unadulterated…and unfiltered. You can feel he wants to kick ass on this title. It’s raw and cuts past the edge…as he scripts and draws a unique story which pits…characters similar to the Batman and Joker…in that proverbial Frank Castle antihero and Wayne-esque vigilante-mode. Oeming takes issue with the adage of the justice-seeker doing so by murderous means. It’s a compelling story of anarchy and vengeance versus the triumph over evil done according to the law. It’s still an argument that never will be settled but it was fun watching Oeming carve and etch his 2 cents. Still, there’s not that riveting feel that keeps me lured in so I’m giving it one more issue before I decide. (6/10)
Revival #2 –

Mike Norton’s art and Tim Seeley’s script add up well here as usual, and while not as stellar as the debut issue, there’s less progress on the plot but amazing insight and character development into the main cast. There’s a human quality brought in and a sense of anguish burrowing aside from the resurrections of the townsfolk. It paints a lovely canvas of that eerie sinful depreciation of society which wants to mask its decadence with these ghastly aberrations now coming to life. If you can empathize with the devil, then you can surely justify God’s existence and I think the team is alluding to this in the title while still making it clear that humanity is digging their own grave and was doomed from the time they mapped out that little thing called intelligence. I love how the title does this in simplicity without sounding pretentious and preachy. Complete win! (10/10)

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