Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Harvest #1, Think Tank #1

Harvest #1

First issue of a very dark comic. It tackles the very sensitive issue of the illegal body parts trade. What I liked about it: The art. It's very moody, detailed and it fits the tone of the book perfectly. The pacing. A lot actually happens in this issue without sacrificing a good amount of character development....which is another good thing. We get introduced to our protagonist by using the flashback technique to delve into his recent past. To see the evolution of events that led to the beginning prologue of the story.
What I didn't like about it: the graphic violence. I say it every time, you can tell a dark story without being explicitly graphic about it. Every time extreme violence is used to move a story forward (probably except for zombie stories), I cannot help but think that it reeks of b-movie ism in my eyes. Other than that, I think this first issue effort was not so bad. It knows it's target audience. It doesn't decompress. And we are given enough compelling reasons to go and pick up the second instalment. If you are into noir, then definitely, this book is for you.

Think tank #1

This issue, delivers with a very lighthearted tone. It's fun and easily accessible with protagonists that are easily relatable. 
It's the flip side of the manhattan project series. Almost it's reverse mirror image or spiritual cousin. 
It's also very fast paced as we get a lot of history and details from our characters in the short span of this issue.  It also works that a lot of the concepts and or technology used in this issue, are grounded in reality as explained in the book's bonus content.
One problem that i have....well, actually, Not that I have any problem with books done in black and white, as sometimes I feel that it is necessary, it's just that, I feel that this book would have benefitted better with color. As the writer infused his characters with life and dynamism it feels lacking or missing an "oomph" because it's devoid of color. But that's just me.
All in all, a good effort. A good clean book with a good starting point. If you are looking to get a break from superheroes, vigilantes, horror or your usual retinue, I highly recommend this one.

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