Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Artifacts #20 Blood Strike #29 & Star Wars: Knights Errant #3!

Artifacts #20
Surprisingly, I didn't fall asleep with this one. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that to come out as harsh as it did. It's just that me and Ron Marz have a rather unique history.

You see, he's probably near the top of my least favorite writer list. I've tackled this in a past review and expounding on the reasons would take away from this particular issues review.

I came in this book knowing absolutely nothing about the history of the cast and the totems of power that feature prominently in the series. With the exception of little to nothing, just passing knowledge of Witchblade.

Having said all that, I'm actually happy with this particular issue. Marz skillfully balances pacing and character development in the rather short space that he was given. Using much of his veteran smarts there. My interest was absorbed early on in the game without looking back. I like the concept of this series which was the reason why I decided to try it. And I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed.

I was intrigued with this mysterious heart shaped artifact and the things that it allowed its wearer to do. Something awesome happens in the issues first act which propels the development of both character and story to the next. Bit of smart dialogue and character interplay and use of "Horror" as a story bit that I have not seen in quite awhile. It's rather rare that I get scared when reading a comic book but this issue really gave me chills. It made my hair stand up. Good job, Mr Marz.

And of course, I could not end this review, and do it justice, if I did not mention how beautiful the art is for this issue. Stephan should definitely get more high profile work. He deserves it.
This issue is reader friendly, has interesting concept with good writing and great art, so for the comic guy in me to the comic guy in you, I give a high recommendation.

Blood strike #29
Now this comic....well, I kinda dig what they were going for here. The concept is interesting. People given a second shot at life but as assassins, but... The execution was rather sub par. I got a "been there done that" vibe when I read it...and sorry to say, this one actually put me to sleep.
I just couldn't get myself into the characters (names & designs. I know nothing about blood strike's history, FYI) I felt that it was so tired and cliche that...I just lost interest.

Sadly, Rob Liefeld doesn't do much to deter his detractors here. It's the same old output from him which kinda added to the distraction. The plot, dialogue and it's execution are rather formulaic. Which translated to boring after a while.  I really wanted to give a good review for Rob as I feel that the criticisms that he's gotten over the years has gotten way out of hand, but no such luck. This issue is pretty weak. As a new reader, didn't really totally got me.  Sorry.

Knight Errant and Lost Tribe of The Sith #3

I have combined reviews for both books as they are from the same writer and because they pretty much run in the same formula: high octane adventure.

In this age of comics with multiple complex subplots that intertwine each other and serve as prologues for next months events, these books are a breath of fresh air. 

It's rather rare that you find books that ate self contained within their own universes and are just concerned with telling a good, fun story.

I do understand that these are minis within a licensed universe but still, my argument remains.

Knight errant tells the tale of a lone Jedi who had infiltrated the ranks of the Sith while Lost Tribe is about a young, ambitious, headstrong Sith that is determined to carve out her own

It's quite funny but errant is at issue three and lost tribe in its first but they almost exactly read the same way to me. And I don't even mean that in a bad way! I really liked both issues! The plots aren't too complicated to analyze nor is it dumb. The characters are easily relatable and interesting and there's a good balance of character development and action for both books. Everyone will leave satisfied. The Star Wars franchise has been pretty strong this year, I hope it continues in the next! These two books won't disappoint and it would really look good as an added jewel to your collection.

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