Friday, November 22, 2013

Screen Drone #6

This segment is about interesting TV. And sometimes movies. Smashed over the head with an Oz brick.

Storage Wars Texas 318: This show is sweeping the continent and I'm addicted. I don't know why, but I just am. Give a try and I bet you will be too.

How I Met Your Mother 910: Listen all of y'all, it's a ZABKA-TAGE!!!!

Almost Human 101-102: Agents of Shield boring you? Try Almost Human, it has the budget, the fun, and the imagination that the previous is sorely lacking.

Axe Cop 109: Someone is trying to steal the sun? Not if AC has anything to say about it!

Adventure Time 541: Part two of Demon Blood. Can Finn rescue Jake in time? Well..ya, of course he can.
This one, we get some anticipated Lady Rainacorn action.

Comic Book Men 306: Even the guys get STORAGE WAR fever.

The Legend of Korra 211-214: Four episodes of none stop battle to decide the fate of the Avatar and the spirit world. Don't miss these quickly released season enders.

South Park 1708: Part two of what I would call GAME OF CONSOLES. After her betrayal last episode, Lady McKormic flourishes in her grace and beauty.

Parks and Recreation 609: Ron sells his cabin. Leslie deals with the on setting reality of losing her bff.

Son of Anarchy 611: Ron ...Pearlllllmaaaan.....

The Big Bang Theory 709: Thanksgiving and beer.

Modern Family 508: ZOOOOOOO-EEEE!!!!

American Horror Story 307: Character development, character development and character development! New bonds are forged. Also, dead kids orgy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 205: Oh Mikey...

East Bound and Down 408: Epic finale to an epic show. I'm guessing this is the end of EBAD.

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