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Marvel Zombies: Are You Game? 24/11/2013

Attention heroes & SHIELD agents! I'm back with loads of Marvel Heroes updates & a bit of Marvel Avengers Alliance as well, so read on...Also, MH fans can join the group we have going for our very own CBNAH MH guild here:

Marvel Heroes
Patch 2.02 is out & Gambit is in the house, mes amis!

Patch 2.02 Highlights (complete patch notes here:
-Gambit! You can now play as the Ragin' Cajun! With Gambit busy saving all the damsels in distress, Domino will now be in charge of selling Fortune cards at the hubs.
*Minor changes to Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl & Thor.
-A new quest now gets activated for L15 players wherein you get free 250G as the reward (once per account, retroactive for existing players).
-New Item Slot: Pets- Equip your favorite cosmetic pet or reusable holo vendor on your heroes!
-PVP Ring Upgrades- The Signets of Odin, Sif, Frigga & Fandral have been slightly buffed.
-More uniques to find, particularly for heroes without unique in certain gear slots!
-Noir costume for Luke Cage now available in the in-game store for 950G.
-Chase costumes are on sale once more! Purchase them from the in-game store until November 26 at 1325 Gs each.
-LOADS of improvements made to summoned allies.
-Work continues to optimize the currently laggy game performance. Additional details here:

-The Asgard event has been completed & the Bifrost Bridge has been unlocked, allowing you to head into Odin's Palace in Asgard. The palace is the new MH hub & it looks splendid.
-The appropriate rewards you were meant to get for participating in the Asgard event will be automatically delivered after the next patch at the most by early December.
-Check out the recently released trailer for Loki here:
-Once in the palace you first need to eliminate all the Dark Elves there & finally defeat Kurse.
-After that you unlock...

PVP: Fire & Ice
-This is now in open beta stage & will undergo about 6 weeks of fine tuning. Read up on the upcoming updates to PVP in these 2 links:
-Check the 2.02 patch notes for to see the many changes that have already been implemented.
-If you haven't yet got a chance to check out PVP you can watch the PVP livestream Gazillion held on Twitch recently:

Missions & zones
-They are Working on a new target dummy in the Training Room to simulate stage 2 Doom (it will die & respawn, so you can test your time to kill) & a target dummy that shoots a rifle at you to test your defensive abilities.
-The rock troll that Thor smashed at the start of The Dark World is coming soon!
-Working on a Doop level for X-Defense.

Various ETAs
Kingpin terminal- early December
Next Asgard chapter 10 (with Loki boss fight)- December
Ms. Marvel DPS review- December 19
Expanded roles for vendors- December & January
Cap's rework- January
Bronx Zoo- early 2014
Raid zone- Q1 2014 release

Iridium TRIPLE Boost Giveaway!
-Guys this DOES work. Just follow the instructions on this link & voila!

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Nothing much on this front except that the Unstoppable lockboxes for Juggernaut are on sale for 11 more days. I've bought 30 boxes for myself & got 2 more covers for him. 2 more left to get. :c

Anyways, that's all for now. MH fans watch out for my post on Wednesday- LOADS of updates from Doomsaw himself (including an update on the Mac version)! So until then, keep things heroic!

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