Sunday, November 17, 2013

Screen Drone #5

This segment is about interesting TV. And sometimes movies. Smashed over the head with an Oz brick.

TMNT 204 - Introducing Casey Jones. YES!

Axe Cop 107-108 - Babies are dumb and Super Axe.

American Horror Story 306 - Introducing the Axe Man.

Modern Family 507 - Guest Starring Peele!

South Park 1707 - The big question X-Box One or PS4 gets a Game of Thrones coating.

Sons of Anarchy 610 - The consequences to Tara's decisions keep imploding on her. Things are not looking good.

Key and Peele 308 - The "that's my shit" guys go back in time 400 years and the return of Meegan.

HIMYM 909 - Challenge unexpected.

Eastbound and Down 407 - KP is out of control. Can he manage to reign it in before he loses everyone?

Comic Book Men 305 - How dare they talk to Aqua Woman like that?? Nerds sometimes....

Bobs Burgers 404 - Lizard anus.

TBBT 707 - Professor Plutonium returns.

Legend of Korra 210 - Korra fucks up again and this time, it may cost a little girl her soul.

Parks and Recreations 606-607 - Double dose this week. Andy comes back for one episode while Tommy and Ron dominate the rest.

Thor: The Dark World - I had a good time in this movie. Entertaining, action packed and even humorous, I left the theatre happy. Slightly disappointed that there was not a single Amon Amorth song featured on the soundtrack. Anyway, the mid credits scene made me squeal in delight! Check this one out for sure.

The Missing and Finished:

This week no Adventure Time (two weeks running now). And I can't seem to be able to find the last few TOP CHEFS anywhere. Also, It's always sunny in Phili wrapped up it's season. The moral of this season: The gang are shittier people then we thought.

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