Sunday, March 16, 2014

ARTISTS ASSEMBLE- Dalmatian Variant

Ladies and gentlemen, lasts weeks theme was the 100th AA! so to celebrate 101 weeks of AA this weeks theme is........Dalmatian variant!

Draw what ever you want as long as it has a Dalmatian theme in it! Deadpool holding Dalmatian puppies, Captain America in Dalmatian spot costume or even Wolverine in Dalmatian spot PJ's with a cup of hot chocolate! Just have fun!

Dogpool killed his first 101 Dalmatians by Rodney Celerio

This weeks piece is based off zarnala's artwork that I saw on deviantart. credit goes to her for the inspiration. here's a link to it. ----> by Richard Chin

Mister Sinister by Adam Bayes

Dalmatian Doop & Wolvie in Dalmatian PJs by Kevin Miller

Batman by Thorsten Schmitz

Jamie Madrox by Romir Sucaldito

Deken by Adam Bayes 

Super dog Dalmatian style by Adam Bayes

Iceman by Zeena Benjamin

Dalmatian take on the new Prophet by Patrick Mohlmann

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt, Dog Wonder by Jason Graziano

Origins Dalmatian variant by Adam Bayes

Deadpool variant by Adam Bayes

The Spot by Franklin O'Neal

Beast Boy Dalmatian by Breannah Luini

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