Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Marvel Zombies: Are You Game?

Attention SHIELD Agents! This is Neil, kicking off this li'l segment about the online Marvel games that have us gaming zombies addicted- the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance & the action MMORPG Marvel Heroes! So while on Tuesdays Jeff Hodges slays the consoles, every Wednesday I'll bring the latest news, discussions, tips, images, & what-have-you on both these games for the more casual gamers out here. And I may do another post on the weekends too so keep your eyes peeled!

I know there's quite a good number of MAA addicts out here, so how far ahead into Spec Ops 13 "Infinity" are you guys? Right now I'm stuck on task 24 that's to 3 star the 3 missions. Anyone managed to get the latest Lockbox hero Thane already? If so, feel free to comment on how you'll opened the boxes. I've got 4 covers with no dupes from 48 boxes, using the same tactic that I used for Elektra's boxes. It's actually Oz's trick - you open a 10x box & then 5 boxes as singles followed by another 10x & so on...

But wait- who the heck is Thane? For those unaware, Thane happens to be the son of Thanos, hiding within an Inhuman community from his father, who is on a hunt to destroy him. In MAA, Thane becomes the 1st hero to be added who hasn't been featured in the comics yet. He will be appearing soon in the currently ongoing Infinity storyline, so this becomes like a teaser for readers...

This move may seem a bit strange to us gamers as all of us have our lists ready of currently existing Marvel comic book heroes we want to see in the game. But if you look at it from a marketing perspective it makes sense- It would help pique the interest of existing readers who are following the ongoing storyline, AND players who don't read the comics may feel encouraged to learn more about Thane & thus pick up the books. Of course, there's also that part of them revealing BIG spoilers though, which ,as Oz puts it, is "kind of retarded".

So what do you guys think about this move on Playdom's part? Should they just stick to releasing heroes that already exist in the comics or would you like to recruit more characters that have yet to be published? And which heroes, announced or not, are you'll looking forward to see in MAA? For me personally, I'm dying for Mystique Lockboxes!

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