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Next Interview..? Next Genesis Comics..!

Next Genesis Comics

Here's an interview with Devon Ryan the man behind Next Genesis Comics. He produces a wide range of genres from Fantasy to Sport.

CBNAH - First, how was the Mini Montreal Comiccon for you?
DR: These mini-cons are usually hit or miss but, I met some Next Genesis followers who follow me on Facebook and a couple who remembered seeing me at Fan-Expo. That was very cool.

CBNAH - Can you please tell us how did Next Genesis Comics start?
DR: I started Next Genesis comics in April 2007, as a website to showcase my work, to get noticed and to promote my self published graphic novel at the time "Enter Dreams: The Awakening" the book bombed but I still had a few free to read webcomics that launched with the site that was doing pretty well, Garg and 3 is Magic. It was prefect, I could be my own publisher online, a web based publisher of both
webcomics and traditional comic books, creating the website you see today. But it was not easy and its still a work in progress. A month after the site launched I introduced Fox Samurai a 6 x 9 manga that has become a flagship title in the NxGcomics stable. I never really wanted to work for the big publishers in the industry, I always liked drawing and creating my own stuff so going into business for myself was my only option. TOTAL freedom over my creations was what I wanted. Thus Next Genesis comics was born.

CBNAH - What's your work schedule like and how you're able to balance various titles at once?

DR: Its crazy! I work on at least two webcomics a month and a print comic every other month. Its a balancing act that just works for me. I like variety because I find working on just one story tends to get boring at times. That is the reason why the comics found on are very diverse from each
other. Its a lot of work for one man sometimes but its fun. Having no real deadlines also helps with the creative process as well.

Quit: The MMA

CBNAH - My favorite comic on the site is Quit: The MMA. Can you tell people who haven't read the comic what's it about and why the subject of MMA?

DR: That's awesome! I'm glad to hear you like that comic! Quit came about from two things 1.) the video game Street Fighter and 2.) UFC, obviously. When Street Fighter 4 came out I was saying it would've been cool to see Ryu wearing Tap-out attire and if the game had weigh-ins and bloody faces after fights, the music should have been harder and so on. Street Fighter 4 came out at a time when UFC and MMA was all the craze and I felt the game messed an opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the sport. "Quit" was going to be what Street Fighter 4 should have been. Grimy, bloody just a bunch of hooligans just wanting to knock each other out! The story of Quit is about the reigning champion Mondo "the beast" looking for stronger competition and his longtime childhood friend Ren Taylor, who had been fighting in Japan for the last ten years, about to make his debut in the EFL (Extreme Fighters League) hoping to make a name for himself by defeat the 18-0 champion. Why MMA? Its violent, fast paced, tough guys, pretty girls how can you not set a story in MMA? Its a fun webcomic, but readers beware this is for MATURE READERS ONLY!

CBNAH - What comic on the site that's flying under the radar that people should really check out?

DR: Fighter No. 1. A comic I created a long time ago and my brother updated and revised and King Caveman, a well drawn, brightly color webcomic that I personally want people to checkout!

Fighter No. 1

CBNAH - Who were your greatest inspirations growing up?

DR: As a child, Walt Disney. As an adult, Stan Lee. For almost all the comic books I ever made, 80s cartoons

CBNAH - What would be your artistic dream project or collaboration to work on?

DR: I would have loved to work on a Transformers comic but I always had a hard time drawing robots It would be a dream of mine if Todd Mcfarlane made the Fox Samurai toy line, that would be freakin' awesome!!

CBNAH - What comics have you been reading lately?

DR: The last comic book I read was the Walking Dead via my Comixology app. The Walking Dead is proof that comics not starring a man in tights can still be successful.

King Caveman

CBNAH - What does the future hold for Next Genesis Comics?

DR: I hope to have other creators, artist, writers be a part of Next Genesis comics and become as big if not bigger than Marvel and DC someday. I have big dreams and plans for Next Genesis Comics, you're just gonna have to wait and see whats in store for 2013 and beyond.

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