Monday, January 21, 2013

2 Cent Reviews - Everything part 1

Hey everyone and welcome back to Oz' 2 Cent Reviews, where our reviews are short (about 2 SENTences worth..get it?) and get straight to the point.  I took a nice holiday break but I'm really eager to get back in it!  So without further ado, this week is Transfusion 2, Saga 8 and 9, Wolverine and the X-Men 23, New Avengers 1 and 2, X-Factor 250, Nowhere Men 2, Fantastic Four 3, Multiple Warheads 3, Justice League 15, Justice League Dark 15 and Flash 15.  Come back sooner then usual because I still have another half-pile to go!

 Nowhere Men #2: I've dropped this book. There are two parts to this story, one that bores me and the other that I enjoy. The negative is the latter reminds me too much of the movie Prometheus. They even have a David type character. Pass.
 Transfusion #2: Smoky, beautiful art throughout. Story: struggle of the final living forms on Earth, the vampires. Versus the robots. Both their sustenance is blood and the human race is just about extinct. What's a poor bloodsucka to do?
 Multiple Warheads #2: Original as always, accompanied with great art. So much scattered treasure in some panels it had my eyes working. You have to liberate your imagination to truly enjoy all the merits of this book. Brandon Graham filled my 2012 quota for stoners actually making it in the industry.
 Justice League #15: Earlier in the months, this issue was solicited to feature the addition of new members Shazam and The Atom. That got me really excited. So where the fuck are they? Instead, we get part 1 of 5 Atlantis Rising (or whatever) which just felt like a sub plot from Flashpoint. The Atlanteans are attacking again...yawn. Really Geoff Johns? You pulled a switcheroo on us in the solicits to push a Fish-Man story? Weak.

 The Flash #15: When will the exposition stop? Flash did nothing the entire issue but sleep. This book is supposed to be about the fastest man alive but it's moving too slow. I get they are baking a love pie here but fuck man....four months of this monkeying around? Yes I went there. Close to considering another drop here.
 Wolverine & The X-Men #23: I'm really glad this arc is done. I'm ready to be entertained again. Stop wasting Nick Bradshaw's talents on this circusy shit. Circus of Crime, these guys ain't.
 Justice League Dark #15: Where did Amethyst go? I really feel like I missed an ish. ReFocusing: The death of magic starts here. The team travels to a mystically rich dimension and a few of our anti-heroes feel the burn. Tim Hunter is the key to everything and Constantine is the man to turn him but the young mage continues to refuse his birthright. Which is bad timing since, as always, their lives hang in the balance.

 New Avengers #1: Hickman sure does love using the set-up method in his premier issues. If you're not a fan of comics for the written word, then I wouldn't suggest trying New Avengers. Anyway, Black Panther is the focal point here, but it ends with an assembly.
 New Avengers #2: It's more talking heads in issue two but keeping in mind the cast involved, it was pretty fucking awesome. Black Bolt steals the entire issue with two panels.  All goodness and future potential aside, I still noticed a giant lack of Beast. What up with that Hickman?

 Fantastic Four #3: A much better show this month around. Finally, things start happening to the first family. Interesting things. Tentacley things...
 Saga #8: This book always leaves me clamouring for more. The last page mind-fucks always shock your scrotum from the inside. The story is going to be insane once fully collected, especially for new readers. Saga, book of the year hands down.
 Saga #9: The all-Will issue. Also, it's the formation of a new zoo crew and they are pretty much the anti-thesis to our main cast. Hopefully, things can end happy and they can all become a big family. But knowing BKV, there will be blood. Always.

X-Factor #250: So X-Factor is awesome again. I'm still not sure what the intention of BREAKING POINT was since almost everyone that left seems to be back. Not complaining though. This first chapter (to the current arc) starts off thumping. Thumping everywhere.

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