Saturday, February 25, 2017


OMG Android 17!  Were have you been?

The second all out battle of universes is almost here on Dragon Ball and it's exciting!  Unlike the previous one, instead of just two universes, this event will feature ALL TWELVE UNIVERSES!  10 fighters from each, 120 fighters in all!  That's one hundred and ten brand new characters.

Episode 78 and 79 of the series begins the preliminaries of the so called TOURNAMENT OF POWER and Goku chooses none other then Buu to represent Universe 7!  His opponent is a wolf type creature from Universe 9 and is able to take a LOT of punishment.  Buu being pushed around this easily shows how serious and high the stakes are in the tourney and just how strong the opponents will be.  Oh, and just for fun, the Gods of All, Zen-Oh and future Zen-Oh have added an extra stipulation to the tournament;  the losing universes will be ERASED from existance!

As previously stated, each universe must choose 10 warriors and because of the new opening (and the banner at the top), we already know who it's going to be for Universe 7.  The real mystery is who will our Z Warriors have to face from these unknown universes?  At the premies, we only get a fast look at each universe's Gods of Destruction, Angels, and their respective Supreme Kais and the most intriguing are the set shown from Universe 11

The Clown God of Destruction.

What's intruiging about this group is the cloaked figure.  What or who is the big dude in black supposed to be?   Death?  Glad Dragon Ball is good again, Super....glad.  Wink.


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