Sunday, September 21, 2014

Artists Assemble: Pokémon

ARTISTS ASSEMBLE is a CBNAH drawing event where members of the Facebook group draw a specific theme.

This event is a take at Pokemon.

EMPEROR PIKACHU by Franklin O'Neal

A Pokemon version of Humans of New York by Vicente Philipé Salido-Bautista

Picachu, Goliath, Bronx, & Leonardo by Kevin Miller

Poke Love by Tim Barklay

Squirtle &Growlithe for my first son by Kevin Miller

Misty by Adam Bayes

May by Breannah Luini

Pikachu by Alex Lily Kemp

Pikachu  & Spider-Man by Christopher Masson

Pikachu  by Richard Chin

Wade "the Pokemon Trainer" Wilson by Adam Bayes 

The Pokemon trinity by Chris Thompson 

Charizard by Kevin Miller

Ash & Pikachu by Vanishing Ashes

Manly Misty by Liam McGivney

Ash & Pikachu by Richard Chin

Ash & Pikachu by Lewis "TheComiclife" Joseph

Misty by Terry Wagner

Ash & Pikachu by Loose Cannon

DARTH MEW-TWO by Franklin O'Neal
Dragonite & Wigglytuff  for my youngest son by Kevin Miller

Massive Pokemon Jam by Kamron Samuels

Pikachu by Chris Thompson
James by Patrick Mohlmann

Pikachu inspired by the Rat Creatures from 'Bone' by Lorna Anne Macrae 

Pokemon battle by Marty Vickers

Finn & Pikachu by Lynette Hanna-McCormack

Pokemon cards by Jason Graziano

Charizard by Terry Wagner

Hokuto no Ash by Rodney Celerio

Charizard for my middle son by Kevin Miller

Pokeman Trainer & Team by Riot Nicolas

Brock and Vulpix by Adam Bayes

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