Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BANZAI GIRL Graphic Novel Preview

Via press release:

FHM lingerie model-turned-comics-creator/writer/artist Jinky Coronado's BANZAI GIRL webcomic comes alive in a full-color graphic novel!

A dozen years ago, around the time Jinky moved to the USA, where she created, wrote, was cover model for, and drew -- with colorist Mike Kelleher and co-artist Wilson Tortosa -- the series BANZAI GIRL for Sirius Comics and, later, its sequel series BANZAI GIRLS for Arcana Studio.

More recently, Jinky resurrected BANZAI GIRL on Keenspot.com as a serialized webcomic!

Now:  Jinky is trying to collect my first BANZAI GIRL series into a big, beautiful, 160-page full-color graphic novel, using Kickstarter ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1395445173/banzai-girl-graphic-novel-volume-1-by-jinky-corona )  as a means and this is what she says about it herself: "Although I'm currently drawing PANDORA's BLOGS and EXPOSURE for Red Giant Entertainment and drew Meg Cabot's AVALON HIGH graphic novel series at HarperCollins, BANZAI GIRL is my personal project, full of Filipino culture and environments and even characters based on my own family.  I'm thrilled with the idea of bringing it back into print."


Format: Softcover Graphic Novel

Pages: 160 full color pages + Cover

Writer/Artist: Jinky Coronado (w/Wilson Tortosa)

What's it all about?  BANZAI GIRL's Jinky Coronado is a girl of three worlds; she just doesn't know it yet. Her nightmares of being both a Princess and a Future Freedom Fighter collide with her real-life as an Asian schoolgirl. Where her biggest obstacles should be homework, boys, and her Dad's new girlfriend, she is thrust into a world of monsters and madness. An alien invasion possessing her town's parents! Strange creatures known as the Duwende, the Kapre`, the Tikbalang, and the Manananggal! A schoolgirl-eating snake creature hidden beneath a shopping mall! Jinky becoming a model and recording star! And much more!

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