Monday, February 3, 2014

Artists Assemble- Cable!

Artists Assemble is a weekly event where members of the group can submit art based on specific theme. The art must be your own and match the theme. 

This weeks theme is Cable (Nathan Summers) of the X-men.

Cable by Tristan Gage Bell

Cable by Brett Buffington 

Cable by Richard Chin

Cable by Jason Hendrickson

Cable by Rodney Celerio

Cable by Thorsten Schmitz

Cable by Adam Bayes

Cable by Jason Graziano

Cable by Joey Mackay

Cable vs Deadpool by Joey Mackay

Cable and his tiny Liefeld foot by Patrick Mohlmann

Cable by Dennis Mendoza

Cable by Franklin O'Neal

Cable by Thorsten Schmitz

Cable by Richard Chin

Cable by Mike Wilson

Baby Cable by Breannah Luini

Cable and Hope by Melbert Martin

Cable by Rodney Celerio

Cable the Sliver Fox by Zeena Benjamin

Cable by Christopher Masson

Cable by Kevin Miller

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