Friday, April 26, 2013

Two Big, Non-Big Two, Reviews..!

Comic Reviews By Panagiotis Drakopoulos

Dark Horse Presents #23: This months issue features the long awaited return of Dan Jolley’s Bloodhound. Bloodhound doesn’t miss a beat since the original ending of the comic series way back in 2005(which I‘ll be reviewing the original series at some point). It’s great to see Dan Jolley bringing back Travis Clevenger from the land of obscure to new readers looking for new material outside of the big two. Other highlights in this issue include, Simon Roy’s Tiger Lung, Pete Doree & Sean Phillips’ Gabe And The Sandpiper (Imagine a pulp version of Lara Croft. I hope Pete and Sean have future stories planned in DHP.), Mike Baron and Steve Rude return with more Nexus, and Geof Darrow teasing us with a Shaolin Cowboy back cover and Big Guy and Rusty insert image.

Jupiter’s Legacy #1: Mark Millar and Frank Quitely reunite after their milestone run on The Authority, which happened about thirteen years ago. In this ten issue/chapter maxi-series features a family of superheroes and how the parents and children view their powers and the use of those powers. Millar adds a real world element to a world with superheroes. Dealing everything from the stock market crash of ’29 to what President Obama should handle his second term. It feels like a weird cross between Kick-Ass and Fantastic Four. Along with a tight script from Millar, we got Quitely on his a game. Making Jupiter’s Legacy into a sexy and stylish comic. Quitely’s character and costume designs feel fresh and realistic. I know a lot of people are down on Quitely for how he draws his female character, but for this story it fits well with the characters presented in the comic. Something tells me that by the end of the summer we might get a Jupier’s Legacy movie deal. The only thing I’m worried about this comic, can Frank Quitely keep up with a monthly schedule? I just hope the final issue won’t be out around 2016.

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