Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oz' 2-Cent Reviews for the first half of November (1 of 2)

Thor: God of Thunder #1:  A book that finally lives up to the name.  Aaron is on fire currently in the Marvel U and this book keeps adding the coals!  Issue 1:  deicide!

Avengers Academy #39:  I'm really sad to see this book go, especially at this point.  The new characters have finally started to get their footing but alas, Marvel Comics is a business and as such, are always moving forward.  There's no room for blossoming weed's in this industry of high profile movie characters and that sucks for this book.  Fans of the characters will have no choice but to follow an entirely new creative team in the next chapter of this series, AVENGERS ARENA.

Wolverine & The X-Men #20:  This is usually the first book I read in my pile.  It's exciting x-adventure that fills the nostalgia-fix and features sane x-storylines (yes, they do exist) not convoluted with years of banal, unnecessary backwash.  Jason Aaron bitch, recognize!

Two more issues and this series wraps up for its third incarnation.

Uncanny X-Force #33:  AoA Nightcrawler both scared and aroused me in this issue.  I won't say too much but....fuck balls!  "Sir...the calls.  The calls are coming from inside your....stomach!!!"

X-Factor #246:  Series issue of the YEAR!!!  We finally get insights on Pip's own day to day activities in the offices of X-Factor Investigations and...the little guy goes a long way.  The last page left me with boxer stains.

Worlds' Finest #6:  You would think that a book written by Levits, (partly) penciled by George "The God" Perez and features Damian Wayne would leave me with a pleasant feeling...and it does!  BUT!  I'm just sooo tired of the introspection.  We GET IT, you're lost souls on a world you don't recognize but your womanly strength will help you persevere.  I've understood this msg for the OTHER 6 issues.  Can we stop wasting panel and caption space with all this and do something?  Robin (IV) was a treat and the art is great, but man, let's get something solid going here.

Batman & Robin #14:  I enjoyed this book mainly because it kept making me laugh.  It depicted how fucked up and dangerous the streets of Gotham can be, without even the use of a villain.  Gleason/Tomasi still have my trust on this book.

Green Lantern #14:  I really felt like I was reading the Justice League book with this one.  Obviously it features them, as the newest GL makes his getaway.  Some really cool scenes where Baz leaves Flash in the dust and earns the admiration of Superman himself.  Rise of the third army has been a bit boring, but the characters in the GL world keep me coming back.

Green Lantern Corps #14:  I have to be honest and say that I was very close to dropping this book.  This, however, is the issue that saves it.  Nothing much new or shocking goes down, it's just that there is more focus on the characters and the plot is finally advancing.  I'd usually expect more from one of my fav scribes Tomasi, but I think he's finally found the directions to "THIS is how you write a good GLC" road.

Dial H #6:  The break or as I like to call it, the "happy hour" issue.  This is the type where a comic book is in between story arcs and plots so the characters enjoy some down-time.  A good writer always knows to give his characters a breather, while at the same time keep things interesting and moving for the audience.  Shit is going down for our resident tubster and the title can move on to it's next thing.  Issue 6 has got itself one satisfied customer (pssst!  it's me!).

Earth 2 #6:  YAWN!  Great art, great character re-imaginings but ffs how long does Robinson need for this story arc??  It takes place in the same exact SETTING for 6 straight issues with the same statements spewing forth from characters in a forever-loop.  This is called BAD decompression.  I'm not sure what DC is thinking here, I'm only sticking around because of my love for the characters and creator (no s required, it's just Nicola Scott).  But what about newer readers?  This would be a complete turn off to them and it instils the stigma of comic books being a never-ending slow drudge of captions and speech bubbles.  Wake the fuck up DC.

This is the infamous issue where Lemire takes shots at Liefeld's failed DCnU titles in retaliation for  all the negative tweets Rob wrote about his good friend Scott Snyder.

Animal Man #14:  Rotworld - The Red Kingdom part 2!  Not since Blackest Night has there been a crossover in DC that has had me this saturated with satisfaction.  I'm busting, Jerry, I'm BUSTING!  I won't even say a single thing about this because I want you to go out and buy Animal Man.  What issue?  ALL OF THEM!  Go...I said go!!!

Swamp Thing #14:  Rotworld - The Green Kingdom part 2!  What the hell are you still doing here reading this review??  It goes for Swamp Thing as well!  Stop crying about buying crappy comics and go get a good one!  These two!  GO!!!!

End of Part 1

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